Break the illusion with Davey!

Among all the blogs I read, I admit I’m an affectionate reader of Davey Wavey and his two blogs, and

I was never much into muscle guys but Davey is clever and sweet to a degree, although he sometimes gives me the impression that he’s convinced to know it all, but won’t let it transpire too much otherwise he’d seem cocky and he knows that cockiness is not attractive.

Anyhow, I think his sites are valuable to the GLBT community as a whole (yes, he likes to put the L first, but I don’t) and I consider his views to be enjoyable to read and funny.

I know he likes traveling, so he is more than welcome here in Naples. Maybe he would introduce me to his friend Will, but I could settle for him as well, LMAO.

This video down here is quite old, but is the one that made me come back for more, so I guessed I should pick it up among the others.

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