Threesomes (‘E ccose a ttre)

A Napule se chiammeno “’e ccose a ttre”. I’ putesse addimannà a dduje amici d’’e mie ‘e fa’ coccosa anziemme sotto ‘e llenzole ‘mbaranza tutt’e ttre, o ammacare tènere ‘na relazzione a ttre pperzone. V’’o ‘mmaggenate comme cagnasseno ‘e […]

Hiv Undetectable

Continuo a scrivere alcuni post (con materiale preso dal web) dedicati ad argomenti di medicina che mi coinvolgono personalmente in seguito all’interesse che suscitano in me. I was thinking about this clip. Well, here are my thoughts. I don’t […]

Question time: Perché ti chiami così? (Why that name?)

Deriva dalla canzone “You saved me” degli Skunk Anansie. Quando l’ho ascoltata per la prima volta ho pensato che sarebbe stato meraviglioso se qualcuno mi avesse salvato attraverso il potere dell’amore. E allora mi venne l’idea di iniziare questo […]

Question time: Why do you like English?

That’s a toughie. When I was a kid I had an English teacher who despised me and tried to give me a hard time, so my mother decided to let me have some private lessons. And so I became […]

Still I wonder

One of my earliest recollections goes back to when I was about four. Sat on the floor, I was playing with something. My parents came to ask: – Would you like a little brother? My answer was: – But […]

Some Jonathan Livingston quotes

So this morning I was walking aimlessly in the bookshop when the little Jonathan Livingston Seagull book called my name. I had already skimmed through its pages on many occasions but, today, I decided to take the time for […]

Cameracar: via Benedetto Cozzolino

Via Benedetto Cozzolino is a congested arterial street linking several municipalities in the province of Naples. It continues for more than three miles. Via Benedetto Cozzolino è una trafficata arteria del napoletano. Si estende per oltre 5 chilometri. PS: […]

Love, nuances, lines of thought

When you hang out with a mate, freshly dumped from his boyfriend, and – what’s worst – after several years, you can’t help but wonder many questions, once you get back home. Love is irrational, as they say. But […]