Hiv Undetectable

Continuo a scrivere alcuni post (con materiale preso dal web) dedicati ad argomenti di medicina che mi coinvolgono personalmente in seguito all’interesse che suscitano in me.

I was thinking about this clip. Well, here are my thoughts.
I don’t accept life in less than perfect health. I strongly claim my right to dispose of my existence, in the (future) event I knew something was wrong with myself.
Having the smallest probability to infect my partner, or being forced to choose who I can love, is not how I would want to be living. In that case, I hope I could use the right to resort to euthanasia.

I’m no doctor, so even if a particular HIV strain with inherently undetectable viral load didn’t exist, I guess it would be possible to keep the viral load to undetectable amounts by administering medication, somehow.

Of course, this is is just hypothetical and theoretical, so don’t get worried. Everything is fine :)

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