Love begets love

Even when I was no more than a child, I liked writing.
When a notebook was over, I gave it to my father and he passed it on to his colleague from Palermo.
And he wrote a long letter sifting through my words, ferreting out my thoughts about life and extolling my perception.
But on my part I was sincerely befuddled to comprehend that such a plethora of meanings was concealed within my sentences. On the other hand, if someone did excavate them in my prose and laid them bare, there had to be a kernel of truth in that interpretation. And that’s precisely why my motivation soared.
I was reminded of this by thinking of the proverb ‘love begets love’, and I said to myself with a slight twinge of hope that in some occurences things might possibly be like this.
Good deeds may give back to us  in unpredictable ways  the offspring of the positive things we accomplished throughout life.
Life herself becomes grateful to us because we indirectly help her in her process of self-affirmation.
And likewise I believe in gratitude.

In italiano qui.

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