Love, nuances, lines of thought

When you hang out with a mate, freshly dumped from his boyfriend, and – what’s worst – after several years, you can’t help but wonder many questions, once you get back home.

Love is irrational, as they say. But why on earth should a person in the right frame of mind choose to make his happiness contingent on someone else’s behavior?
‘Cause it happens just like that. When you’re single you can be happy just because you put your mind to it. But, when in a relationship, even if you’re on your best mood and whatnot, if your significant other screws up, your happiness goes south.
You just get snared, that’s it. And I won’t deny it’s a godsend on so many levels.  And though…

And then I wonder how many kinds of love exist, and how many nuances and differences there are.
If I was jealous that my ex has found someone new, I could say that’s just because I’m still in love with him – and almost no one would argue with that.
And by the way I do agree, too – it’s how it goes. But, on second thought, isn’t that jealousy a matter of selfishness?
And what if I wanted him to be happy with someone else? Should I imply that I love him no more? Or maybe has my giving up made my love somewhat deeper?
Well, in the end I feel that, about love, many nuances exist. We can be bound by so many things that we fall short of words.

My mother says on occasion, you’ll end up alone since you’re gay.
And I definitely don’t agree, but part of me – maybe mistakenly – thinks that we’ll have to fight harder for happiness.

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