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English - Can I Be Saved?


American gay guys in Naples

I’ve got a thing for American guys. They sum up two of my fave passions, males and English language. Here in Naples though, finding one isn’t quite a walk in the park but, over the years, I did manage […]

Break the illusion with Davey!

Among all the blogs I read, I admit I’m an affectionate reader of Davey Wavey and his two blogs, breaktheillusion.com and thedaveywaveyfitness.com. I was never much into muscle guys but Davey is clever and sweet to a degree, although […]

My open letter to Chris Crocker

  I think that the problem with Chris Crocker is that he sometimes looks like a crazy freak and this may scare people off him. I had to be straightforward on this. But I can see he’s doing a […]