American gay guys in Naples

I’ve got a thing for American guys. They sum up two of my fave passions, males and English language.
Here in Naples though, finding one isn’t quite a walk in the park but, over the years, I did manage to meet three.

The first one, Will, was a black skinned soldier and wore braces.
He bragged to me that someone with an orthodontic apparatus like his would give the most spectacular blowjob ever.
But he didn’t get to demonstrate his theory, since I was not looking for anything sexual with him.

Nathan, instead, was a student, and I don’t exactly recall why he left U.S. – I suppose that was because of his father’s job, if I got that correctly.
We hung out several times. Nothing ever happened between us, but he became somewhat affectionate with me, he even tried to bribe me with a present.
The other thing about him I can’t forget was that he had a gay brother who was HIV poz, probably because of an unprotected fling when he was 16.

The third guy was called Dylan. After hooking up online, we agreed that he would pick me up at the station, and off we went to his place.
It was really cozy there and we cuddled up and jerked off in his bed.
It was fun to stroke his circumcised penis and I do remember it felt awesome to moan in English. I had so much fun in doing so, it felt like being in a porn movie, haha.
In the end, we had a bit of a chitchat and he related to me his story. He wound up in a long term relationship that went rotten because of the distance. They were now a continent apart, but kind of grew up together.
Anyhow we had a nice time, albeit – like it was to be expected – I never heard from him afterwards.

Yes – that’s it, so far. But if you are a cute young foreigner in Naples you could be the fourth one, LMAO.
Just drop me a line here.

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  1. haunted85 ha detto:

    Wow you’ve scored three U.S. dudes, I can’t even find guys from my own city. Lucky you.


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