My open letter to Chris Crocker


I think that the problem with Chris Crocker is that he sometimes looks like a crazy freak and this may scare people off him.

I had to be straightforward on this.

But I can see he’s doing a good job with trying to get the best out of him and be a more mature and experienced person.

And, to top that off, I can feel he is a good man in the heart.
I trust very much my gut reactions about people.

I think that, no matter how hard he tries to conceal it, he is a sensitive individual and this can lead him astray and make him suffer.

So, I wish him all the best with his porn, but I hope he doesn’t get too much involved in that environment which I doubt would be beneficial to him.

I know from his vids growing up was particularly hard on him. So my hats off for getting stronger.

But now, Chris, it’s time to try to behave as much as you can. And I’m sure – if you’re not too overemotional and if you don’t purposely overdo it – you’ll reap something good.

Not by doing porn or showing off on the Internet. Your choice.
I mean just by keeping doing the hard work on yourself – that’ll pay off.

Good luck,


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